THe Book

We all choose to invest in various things in our lives. This unique book explains a simple plan to invest in love by taking time in our busy lives to let love grow.

The story began 30 years ago when I joined a ski club and met a man that changed my life forever. We were married with two small daughters when I became a young widow who was always grateful for that extra last kiss. I originally wrote down the story in September of 2007 to pass on to our daughters. I shared the story at our oldest daughter's wedding reception. I wanted my family to realize that love and marriage is a working investment. I am happily remarried, and my husband and I are carrying on this story with our own kissing pot.
-Linda Berg, Author

The Kissing Pot is illustrated by Justin Flores. Justin is a graphic artist who resides in Wisconsin with his wife and two children. His daughter was a student of Linda's and a member of the Alpha Optimist Club, which Linda advised.

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